Ashley Park’s Showstopping Duet with Meryl Streep in Only Murders in the Building

The Wife, my Brother-in-law (BIL), and I were watching Only Murders in the Building when we  were blown away the showstopper duet of Meryl Streep and Ashley Park. Having never seen Emily in Paris and having not known about her musical theatre and Broadway background, I was pleasantly stunned that Ashley Park could sing so incredibly well. So for those you who like myself didn’t know that or having only seen her in Joy Ride, I thought I would share.

In addition to the performing abilities of Meryl Streep and Ashley Park, one additional reason that the song is so good is that it was created by professional broadway professionals Sara Bareilles, Benj Pasek, and Justin Paul. The show has made the song available for streaming.

I am looking forward to more wonderful musical performances in the series, which has been weaving Broadway themes together with a murder mystery. Only Murders in the Building streams on Hulu and drops a new episode every Tuesday.

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