“$110 Million” CEO Kiwi Camara leaves his Company CS Disco

legal discoveryFilipino American Kiwi Camara made the news earlier this summer for being one of 10 US CEOs receiving a pay package valued at than $110 million in 2022. The latest news is that he has suddenly left his company CS Disco.  Camara founded the company, which provides legal services and software, in 2013.

If you don’t know about his background and might think that he is just some corporate fatcat, you would miss that he is a rather remarkable individual. He is the youngest graduate of Harvard Law School, finishing at the age of 19.  Prior to starting CS Disco, he started the law firm of Sibley and Camara and built the first version of CS Disco’s eDiscovery product as an internal tool at the company, which he spun off later to become that company.

Camara has generated some controversy. He came under fire over his use of a racial slur at Harvard Law, which is yet another demonstration that academic and technical brilliance does not guarantee greatness in other aspects of life. He later apologized for his action. Camara’s apparently huge pay package attracted negative attention, although as this article points out, the $109.5 million of that package is stock related and subject to goals and is most likely to be worth zero.

Bloomberg law reports that Camara seems to be starting a separate venture called Camara Ventures.

(photo credit: https://pix4free.org/ originally by Nic Youngson, licensed under Creative Commons 3 – CC BY-SA 3.0))

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