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I’m a Korean-American living in the bay area, I studied public health and social work in grad school, and I have an obsession for anything theater related, especially ballet and Broadway musicals. I just spent three years in NYC so I am still adjusting to normal winter weather and having a car, and most of the time, I am busy funding my passion for theater with a full-time job in healthcare public relations. On any given day, you can find me watching Project Runway, shopping, doing yoga, skipping to the theater, or looking for the perfect cocktail.

Will Sanjay Gupta be the Next Surgeon General?

The Washington Post broke the news today that Dr. Sanjay Gupta (CNN medical correspondent) is considering the position of  surgeon general position in the upcoming Obama administration.  As a practicing neurosurgeon and faculty at a medical school, Dr. Sanjay’s background … Continue reading

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SF Ballet’s Nutcracker on PBS: Yuan Yuan Tan as Snow Queen & Hosted by Kristi Yamaguchi

Since this is Christmas, something that always puts me in the holiday mood is the Nutcracker ballet. This year there is a special treat, as the San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker will be re-broadcast on PBS this Sunday. (That’s on KQED … Continue reading

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Education Improves Your Health (If You’re a Drunk Korean Guy That Smokes)

The Healthcare Economist recently wrote about a clinical study published in the Journal of Health Economics that examined whether education correlates with healthy behaviors. And it seemed to prove true; those who are educated saw their doctors more often and … Continue reading

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Want Relief From Knee Pain? Try Tai Chi

Some news announced at the American College of Rheumatology conference this past week in San Francisco showed that tai-chi was beneficial for relieving pain and disability from knee osteoarthritis compared to the control group that stretched and underwent wellness education. … Continue reading

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Asian-Caucasian Couples Have Unique Health Pregnancy Risks

There has been research studies examining different racial and ethnic groups, highlighting specific health risks for each specific group. However, there is limited research on interracial couples — but as they become more common, there was an interesting study published … Continue reading

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McCain says North Koreans are short…

Did you see the first Presidential debate where John McCain throws out a random statistic, while talking about the North Korean’s regime, he mentions how they are also 3 inches shorter than the average South Korean? A brief Youtube clip … Continue reading

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“Zen Shaolin”, a Chinese theatrical extravaganza in the Hunan Province

I just found out about an extravagant show “Zen Shaolin” that is being performed among the mountains of the Hunan Province in China that looks amazing. With its cast of 500 performers (wow!), locals and “city” performers, Shaolin Buddhist monks, … Continue reading

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Gymnast Raj Bhavsar makes the U.S. Olympics Team

U.S. Olympic alternate Raj Bhavsar, age 27, has been recently named to the U.S. Olympic team after the injury of gymnast superstar Paul Hamm, Olympic gold medalist in the all-around individual competition in 2004. Great for Raj, but unfortunately — … Continue reading

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Token Asian Alert: Mamma Mia! the movie

I saw the craptastic movie Mamma Mia a few weekends ago…(which I highly recommend as long as you leave your good taste & bad manners at the door). Abba songs, Colin Firth wearing a spiked a dog collar, Meryl Streep … Continue reading

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Project Runway Season 5: Jerry Tam, first designer auf’d

Project Runway Season 5 starts! There’s usually one Asian designer on each season, and in the past, they’ve each gone pretty far… this season’s Asian designer is Jerry Tam, already established designer of Form. Sadly, he was confident in the … Continue reading

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“Bruce Lee” the Musical

When I heard that a Broadway musical based on Bruce Lee’s life was being created, I thought it was just a bad idea (similar to a deranged barber going on a murderous, revengful spree…a musical about the 4 seasons…Xanadu…need I … Continue reading

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Gymnast Kevin Tan makes a strong bid for the U.S. Men’s Olympics Team

I was lucky enough to catch the Men’s Visa 2008 Championship that aired on NBC today, where the best men in the U.S. competed for a chance to compete in the Olympic team trials coming up. I saw Fremont-born Kevin … Continue reading

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