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Vanessa lives in New York City and works in marketing in the beauty industry. In her free time, she moonlights as a writer and unauthorized restaurant critic with a voracious appetite for travel, fashion, cringe-worthy reality television, and all things Asian-American.

Mail-Order Husbands: Brilliant or Disturbing?

We’re all familiar with the mail-order bride. Now, the emergence of an imported mail-order husband business of sorts has emerged by way of Thailand. Thai women who grow up “always dreaming of marrying a foreigner” are bought as brides by … Continue reading

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Our Right to be American: Repeal of 14th Amendment an Equal-Opportunity Offender

Recent calls from Republican senators to repeal the 14th amendment, lead by Senator Lindsay Graham, seeking to repeal the birthright granting American citizenship to anyone born on U.S. soil, are shocking and absurd. In the wake of recent controversy over … Continue reading

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Healthy API Representation at 2010 MTV Movie Awards

By Vanessa Amidst the numerous glittery ensembles and awkward scripted antics of celebrity presenters, the 2010 MTV movie awards this past Sunday featured a surprisingly healthy number of Asian male actors as presenters, nominees and winners. The panel of heavy-hitters … Continue reading

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