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The main Canuck here I (sometimes) give a different perspective. I used to be 'read only' but you can actually hear me via POP 88 on 8Asians podcasting sister site Always trying to find that right balance between fluff and substance, I tend to focus my interests in discovering different perspectives. Look forward to hearing (and perhaps seeing) things you wouldn't anywhere else. Current vice and embarrassingly obsessed with: Kpop group AFTER SCHOOL

R2B: Return to Base Opens In Theatres August 24th

A South Korean Air Force team trains, laughs, loves and always has each other’s back in R2B: Return to Base. After pulling a dangerous stunt at the public air show, Tae-hun (played by Cobert-rival Rain) gets kicked out and demoted … Continue reading

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Bank of Canada Pulled Original Image For $100 Banknote Due To “Asian-ness”

The Bank of Canada had decided to de-Asianize the original image of a woman looking into a microscope for its $100 banknote after 8 focus groups across the country raised questions about her ethnicity. “The image, alongside a bottle of … Continue reading

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PSY’s “Gangnam Style” Goes Viral, Reports CNN

In a slow news day, (or perhaps taking a break from Olympic coverage) CNN has reported South Korean rapper PSY’s latest track “Gangnam Style” going viral. Its 10 million view counts and rising is certainly nothing to be dismissed thanks … Continue reading

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Deranged Film Review & Opens In Theaters On July 27th! Deranged, a new film that has been breaking box offices in Korea and out-ticketing Spider-man and Dark Knight, follows a man desperate to find a cure for a fatal epidemic sweeping the nation. Mummified and skeletal bodies suddenly rise … Continue reading

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Patang: The Kite Movie Review

Soaring and warring kites play out as metaphors for the multiple stories weaved in PATANG: The Kite. A successful Delhi businessman brings his daughter on a surprise trip to his hometown of Ahmedabad, home to India’s largest kite festival. There … Continue reading

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All About My Wife: Korean Movie Review

All About My Wife (내 아내의 모든 것) tells the story of Doo-hyun (LEE Sun-kyun) who after seven years of marriage wants to divorce his beautiful wife, Jung-In (LIM Soo-jung). After all the nagging, whining and complaining, he’s at his … Continue reading

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As One Film Review

As One (Korea) tells the story of Li Bun-Hee (Bae Doo-na) and Hyun Jung-hwa (Ha Ji-won) ping pong players from North and South Korea coming together to form a doubles team to win gold at the world championships in Japan … Continue reading

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Rolling Stone Releases List Of 10 Kpop Groups Most Likely To Break In The US

Rolling Stone released their list of 10 K-pop groups most likely to break in America. Of the list are the obvious names, while others were kind of surprising. The list, needless to say, sparked much discussion in Kpop forums all … Continue reading

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HELPLESS (화차) Korean Mystery Thriller Review

Prepare yourself for a compellingly complex and layered mystery thriller that leaves you wondering who really is left Helpless. Soon to be married Mun-ho (LEE Sun-kyun) and Seon-yeong (KIM Min-hee) are on their way to Mun-ho’s parents place when they … Continue reading

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Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival Kicks Off April 26 To May 6

Hot Docs, The Canadian International Documentary Festival held annually in Toronto kicks off April 26-May 6. Opening the festival is Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry (USA/China) following China’s most renowned artist and activist. Special this year is the addition of the … Continue reading

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Jin Akanishi’s Japonicana Album and US Debut

Jin Akanishi’s US debut album Japonicana releases today (March 6th) on iTunes US and in stores everywhere. If the ticket sales for his Japonicana Tour were anything like his Yellow Gold Tour, chances are they would be hard to get. … Continue reading

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