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The Attractive, Accomplished, and Fake Chinese Women who want to connect with me

Almost every week, I get a new LinkedIn connect request from an attractive and highly accomplished Chinese woman. When I finally got around to looking in detail at the profile of one of these requestors, it was fake. I figured … Continue reading

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Human Trafficking in Domestic Workers

Given the huge number of Filipino overseas foreign workers, it’s not surprising that there are stories across the Filipino diaspora about domestic workers who are abused in their overseas jobs in Asia and the Middle East.  I was surprised, though, … Continue reading

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The Nanny Business: A Documentary on the Plight of Filipina Nannies in Canada

On our family vacation in Vancouver Canada, the Wife and the Brother-In-Law were buying atis and lanzones in Granville Island‘s public market, so I minded the kids.  While I was watching them, I noticed some Filipinas who were also taking … Continue reading

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L.A.: East West Players presents a star-studded event as a part of CAST’s campaign against human trafficking

In 1995, one of the most shocking cases of modern day slavery unfolded in Los Angeles’ backyard. 72 garment workers were discovered in an El Monte compound living in captivity and under squalid conditions, producing clothing for such major labels … Continue reading

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