• http://www.facebook.com/people/Ahmed-Sanchez-De-La-Cruz-Kim/58700922 Ahmed Sanchez De La Cruz Kim

    Yeah, that is pretty racist. I wouldn’t know what else to call it.

  • http://twitter.com/andrewjinwon jwkim

    just another white-privileged internally racist white guy with equally self-racist, asian male-hating asian wife

  • Informed

    just another buthurt asian guy jealous of some random white guy he will never meet.

  • http://destroytorebuild.blogspot.com/ MaSir

    “I am white and my wife is East Asian. Her race isn’t a problem for me and I would have had no difficulty raising mixed race children, but frankly…I’d prefer my kids to be white….at the end of the day I want my kids to look like me, their cousins, and the kids they’ll go to school with.”

    NE~GRO PLEASE. That statement is flat-out racist. Of course “her race isn’t a problem” when every man’s dick is colorblind.

  • http://destroytorebuild.blogspot.com/ MaSir

    You can’t say the guy’s wife is a self-racist, asian male hater. She could love him for non-racial reasons but that has yet to be verified. I’ll give the woman the benefit of the doubt, but I do agree that the white guy’s comment was as racist as they come.

    Race is a huge element of somebody’s identity so to deny that from their child is a form of cultural appropriation at it’s purest form.

  • Dee

    Actually this is not anything new Ive heard…..mom looks dads equipment….Heard a guy straight up tell me he got with his his asian wife because the son will look like her but not have to deal with having a small penis…..yeah this racist mind set with a few XM/AF pairs is nothing new. Im surprised that anyone is shocked.by this

  • my self

    I can’t even began to understand despite my multiracial background. Growing up in a society that makes you shameful for being part black, I lack a sympathetic ear when someone who is in an IR relationship wants only an all white baby. Knowing their partner is of East Asian decent and can not conceive a child.

    truly disgusting human beings and I love how sperm donating creates racial profiling. :) maybe i should have me a non-mix blond hair and blue eyed baby just cause.

  • Edwin

    Talk about such disadvantages for an Asian male! Not only do they get spurned by women of all races, they can’t sell their sperm as well!

  • Andrew

    Honestly, I’m an Asian male and I don’t really find this racist. Perhaps the husband wants their child to fit in better with the other neighborhood kids. Or maybe for some other reasons. But just because he wants a white child, you can’t automatically label him as “racist”. That’s a pretty strong word.

  • HelloFriends

    This is one of those things where you are just 100% sure is a letter only a white person could have written. Grade A stuff.

  • mingzi

    He doesn’t deserve our genes.

  • FabiusMaximus

    just another racist white troll who is probably jacking off to some child porn while his wife is banging a black dude.

  • FabiusMaximus

    If she’s not a self hater, then why is she still with him? Surely his racism has come out before, since white people cannot hide their racist feelings, kind of like they can’t hide that they’re pedophiles.

  • FabiusMaximus

    TRANSLATION: I’m an asian guy who likes to get butt schlubbed by white guys while wearing a kimono.

  • FabiusMaximus

    And asian women eat it up like cotton candy, num num num. Seriously asian guys, DATE OUT. Asian women are disgusting, vile, self hating trash.

  • Gail Sansolo

    That was completely unnecessary, you miserable cunt. All he said was that he didn’t find it racist. There’s no need to tell him to go kill himself for stating his own opinion.

  • blehblehbleh

    lol…… you sound like a typical BETA asian male.

  • J.M.

    I can understand wanting a child to look 100% like you. But in that case don’t marry interracially. There are way too many mixed kids in orphanages abandonned by interracial couples once they seperate or divorce because the white partner doesnt want to “deal with racism”. They never wanted mixed kids to begin with, they “craved” that non-white partner fantasy. That looks like fetishizing to me. This is SICK.

  • J.M.

    This is nothing new. I’m neither asian nor white yet if people outside of both communities can see it then yes something is wrong.

    Why do so many WM feel comfortable bashing AM while dating AW? Because they have always felt superior to the point that they don’t even feel the need to respect their male in-laws.

    Why do so many eurasian men grow up depressed (typically the ones raised by AWWM couples)? And why do many of them opt to move to Asia?

    You know what, I’m not trying to start something, But I wouldnt be surprised if deep down inside he wanted sons and didn’t want them to be part asian / look asian. But since he can’t really say it as brutally so he just generalizes “I don’t want asian babies”.

    This is sad. These people need healing.

  • Fracist

    Man, shut the fuck up. Why would he be jealous? Oh let me guess because you’re a white guy so everyone is jealous of you. Your inferior complex is showing.

  • Fracist

    How the fuck is this not racist? He’s not thinking that far about wanting to them to fit in, I doubt it. He’s a fucking idiot anyway. “I don’t Asian children” well shit I guess you’ll get what you want marrying an Asian woman. He shouldn’t have gotten with her period.

  • Baakus

    This is the new racism that seeks “diversity,” so long as that diversity complements White dominance. Blacks provide the hip hop and athletic entertainment. Asians provide the food and women. Whites get to still enjoy life at the center of the universe.

  • Myra Esoteric

    There’s a major difference between raising a kid of a different race and raising a multiracial kid. The multiracial experience has differences from the minority experience in general.

  • Myra Esoteric

    Same here, many intermarried families in more homogeneous areas choose adoption or forego having kids, because there is way less acceptance of mixed people in some areas.

  • J.M.

    Common sense should tell anyone that people who do NOT want to deal with the challenges of raising a biracial kid should NOT date or marry out. Being rejected by your own parents, because of your mixed heritage – something that THEY are responsible for at that – is the worst form of rejection. It’s worse than anything society could tell you. Craving a baby who looks nothing like your spouse is a slap in the face. If this man wanted white babies only he should not have married interracially to begin with. It makes his intentions absolutely suspect.

  • J.M.

    Co-sign! This is common sense!

  • Fracist

    Yep it is.. except for me forgetting to put want in I don’t want Asian children.

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