Asian American Commercial Watch: Visa’s Real Life Events & Chloe Kim

I caught this Visa commercial while watching the Olympics, which is no surprise since Visa is an Olympic sponsor and was pleasantly surprised to see Chloe Kim towards the end of the commercial:

You know faster is better. We’ve got a faster way to pay.   You don’t have to be an Olympic snowboarder like Chloe Kim to shave seconds off your time at checkout. Tap to pay like a champion with your contactless Visa card where you see the Contactless Symbol. #PyeongChang2018 #TeamVisa

And even before the Olympics started, I’ve seen Visa highlight Chloe Kim in some web ads:

I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of Chloe Kim now that she’s an Olympic Gold winner in the halfpipe! Congrats again Chloe – hope to meet you one day!

Traveling Japan: Kyoto Snowstorm

Before we begin this little journey through a Kyoto winter wonderland, I should start with the disclaimer that I grew up in sunny southern California. I put on a scarf whenever the temp goes under 70 degrees Fahrenheit. When I stayed at dorms in Harvard University at Boston one summer during high school, I asked what the underground tunnels were for, and when they said it was for the snow, I replied, “Oh HELL no.” I did not apply to a single college on the East Coast. I don’t hate snow, though. I have fond childhood memories of our family driving to Big Bear or Palm Springs in the winter time for some toboggan sledding and snowman building. That’s the thing, though, I always drive to snow. I’ve never lived in it. Not long enough to hate it anyways. So you’ll have to forgive my delight when a sunny blue-skied Kyoto morning suddenly turned into a full on snowstorm.

I love the weather in Southern California, and here, we really only have two seasons—-summer and not summer. We spend plenty a Christmas day by sparkling outdoor pools or picnicking at the beach. However, I’ve enjoyed the beauty of seasons in other places, but none have enchanted me more than the way the city of Kyoto wears them. I daresay it’s the only place that may tempt me away from Christmas by the pool.


The sudden snowstorm we encountered was perfect timing. We had already been around and about Kyoto for a few days, and the snowstorm transformed it into a whole new city for us to explore.


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