Shameless hawking: We’re selling crap!

Let’s be honest – as much as I love starting intellectual discussions about the mascot’s of German web companies or the merits and/or drawbacks of interracial dating, well, a brutha’s gotta get paid. And while this website isn’t making any money for any of us, it hasn’t stopped me from trying. (Seriously, some of those personalized Google AdSense ads KILL me inside.)

Behold, the store. Now you can get all your stylish swag, including bags, buttons, bumper stickers and, of course, girl’s baby tees. Now you can wear something with the “8” logo, and you too can tell your friends about the blog you read regularly. And if that discussion escalates into a shouting match, you’ll have us to thank for it!

All sarcasm aside, if you do like the website and you think some of the product is cool, feel free to buy it and send me (via the contact form) a photo of you wearing it! I’ll post it up on the site somewhere, with a link to your blog, if you have one.

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