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Pacific Time: Asian Influence at Burning Man

On KQED’ today, Pacific Time radio program did a story on “Asian Influence at Burning Man”: “The barren desert of Nevada vibrated to life last week as nearly 50,000 people flocked to Black Rock for the Burning Man festival. It … Continue reading

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[Norman Hsu] Clinton Donor Fails to Appear in Court Again

Norman Hsu, the Asian American Democratic donor who gave himself up last week after being a fugitive for 15 years, did not show up for his court date yesterday, as reported in The New York Times: “The mystery of Norman … Continue reading

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The Korean soundWave: indie Korean music

I’m a big music fan, which goes without saying. I definitely enjoy my share of Japanese and Korean pop music, and my partner in crime Xxxtine runs an excellent podcast, of course, but when you think “K-Pop,” a certain genre … Continue reading

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A Comment on Asian Christians

It’s never appropriate to criticize another’s religion. Each of our faiths represent a personalized fusion of our family influences, how we were educated, the social, abstract and spacial conditions of our upbringing, and what we in all our autonomy have … Continue reading

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[Lee Kuan Yew] Modern Singapore’s Creator Is Alert to Perils

In Sunday’s New York Times, the newspaper summarizes an interview with Lee Kuan Yew with its sister paper, The International Herald Tribune (“Excerpts from an interview with Lee Kuan Yew“) in the article, “Modern Singapore’s Creator Is Alert to Perils” … Continue reading

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Yakuza daughter sheds light on gangster life

The lifestyle of a Yakuza gangster is in jeopardy says Shoko Tendo, author of Yakuza Moon, a best-selling memoir just out in English. I found this interesting article in Reuters. Her first-person account of life as a daughter of a … Continue reading

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Hip Hop Violin

Yup, what’s what I said. Hip hop violin. Check it out: Played masterfully by the LA-based duo Paul Dateh (on violin) and inka one (on turntables). Holy crap these guys are good. They deserve all the press & attention they … Continue reading

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APIAVOTE Urges Responsible Reporting

I got this email / press release titled, “APIAVote Urges Responsible Reporting in Coverage of Asian Americans and the Political Process” the other day. If you haven’t been following the latest campaign news, there has been a recent report this … Continue reading

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