Barack Obama Wins Iowa Democratic Caucus

I assume that most everyone has already read that Barack Obama won the Iowa Democratic caucus tonight, the first step towards winning the party nomination… and then possibly the White House. Depending on your political leanings you may either be overjoyed or disappointed by this news.

Regardless of your views on the war in Iraq, health care, terrorism, the economy, gun control, and social values I hope everyone views Obama’s win as a singular landmark moment for all people of color in the US. For the first time in the nations 220+ year history we have a viable presidential candidate that is a racial minority! For the first time people have raised their hands and said “Good leadership is not the sole providence of old white men.” – and it actually made a difference. Having an emblem of capable, competent, inspirational leadership that looks like the multi-cultural/multi-racial country we have become can only help to boost all people of color with leadership aspirations.

How amazing would it be to look back on this day 50 years from now and say it was the watershed moment when the country began to shed its color coded politics and its unconscious favoritism of the status quo. There are currently only 12 women, 1 Asian-American, and 6 African-Americans leading Fortune 500 companies. Furthermore, Asian-Americans hold only 1.5% of Fortune 500 corporate board seats. Hopefully, this new definition of leadership will help boost these numbers.

A girl can hope can’t she?

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