Tila Tequila…again?

So fresh from her show being the most watched show on MTV, Tila Tequila just agreed to do a second season of her show, A Shot At Love.

But as it turns out, the winner of the first season, Bobby Banhart, never had a chance after the show ended, as there are now conflicting reports that the romance was over before it began. Tila claims that Bobby dumped her, and Bobby says that Tila (or anyone else on the show, for that matter) never gave him her contact info so that they could start really dating. Click here for the news story.

Honestly, I was hoping that she would’ve picked Dani myself, but personally it seemed like picking the guy was a smart career choice as her choosing the woman, particularly a butch one, would’ve probably set more tongues wagging and caused a drop in her popularity.

I’m hoping that if there is a next show to include some hot Asian butches a la Jenny Shimizu, or some Asian femmes to rock her world, or even some Asian guys on the show?! Sheesh! Click here if you’re interested in being part of the (ahem) action and on the show’s second season.

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