Sometimes Asians just need to tell a good dog-eating story.

In an effort to continue my streak of possibly-inappropriate blog titles (see my post at which has generated a number of interesting comments), I share with you a post written by one of my favorite bloggers, no milk. Actually, Mr. Lactose Intolerant is much more polite than that… it’s actually No Milk PLEASE.

Anyhooz, back to the dog-eating story.

The scene starts on an idyllic day in Philippines when no milk was just a lad of four…


When I was four, I witnessed something quite horrible, though at that time it seemed curious as well.

I know that in these YouTube days, horror mingled with curiosity are quite pedestrian, there’s someone posting a horrifying video that you can’t take your eyes off right this minute. But in those days, the mixture of horror and curiosity was something you can only experience first-hand.

Let me step back a bit and paint you a picture of that beautiful early summer, in my hometown in the Philippines. The temperature was mild and sunny almost every day. In a month, the sun will turn treacherous and burn your skin in a minute, but right then, it was just perfect. You could run around for days and not break out in a sweat.

Our dog, Patience–Pasensiya in Tagalog, was pregnant. Patience was a mutt, with creamy short hair. Her face and legs were often caked in mud, as if she just came from nosing around somewhere in the garden.

Read more about Patience here:

Tip: Read all the way through the end. And then read the comments if you need clarification.

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