If Obama loses California, you can point your finger at the Asians (and Latinos)

Forgive me, but I obviously cannot stop myself from making posts with obnoxious headlines. (I blame sleep deprivation.)

According to CNN Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider on the CNN Political Ticker:
(emphasis is mine)
Schneider: Clinton losing among whites and blacks in California

(CNN) – An interesting dynamic is at play in California: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are in a tight race, even though Obama is beating Clinton there among both white voters and black voters.

According to our exit polls, Obama is beating Clinton among whites, 49 percent to 43 percent, and among blacks, 81 percent to 16 percent.

How is Clinton in contention? She’s overwhelmingly winning among Latinos and Asians. Two-thirds of California Latinos prefer Clinton, while three-fourths of the state’s Asians support her.

Latinos and Asians just may carry the state for her.

–CNN Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider
February 5, 2008
Posted: 11:33 PM ET

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