On Visit, Pelosi Offers Support to Dalai Lama


Apparently San Francisco’s own Nancy Pelosi, along with others, in a Congressional delegation are currently in India, and had an opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama, as reported in The New York Times: “On Visit, Pelosi Offers Support to Dalai Lama“:

“Buddhist nuns waved American flags, and the Dalai Lama ordered his followers to offer a standing ovation Friday morning as Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives, came to Dharamsala, the emotionally charged headquarters of Tibetan exiles, and seized the opportunity to stick a finger in the eye of China…The visit by Ms. Pelosi, accompanied by nine other members of Congress, most of them Democrats, was arranged some time ago as part of a visit to India. As it happened, though, it came on the heels of the largest protests in Tibet in nearly two decades, followed by a broad crackdown by China, and almost nonstop demonstrations in solidarity in this town, where the Tibetan government in exile has its base.The timing could not have been better, at least for the Americans.”

I’m sure the Chinese government is pissed off. I really wonder how much China will complain and push back against international pressure. Just the other day, the Chinese government admitted that there had been Tibetans as well as Chinese who have been injured and killed during the protests. Talk about being a little bit more “open.” Also reported recently is that the Chinese government may be preventing live broadcasts during the Olympic games from Tiananmen Square, where it previously was going to allow broadcasters such as NBC to do so. China pledged to the International Olympic Committee, when bidding for the games, that the games would promote greater openness. Yeah, right.

Tomorrow is Taiwan’s presidential election. Along with the election, there is a referendum for Taiwan (officialy, The Republic of China – R.O.C.) to change its name from R.O.C. to Taiwan the next time Taiwan applies for the United Nations. China sees any such move as a referendum for independence and will complain loudly if the referendum passes.

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