If you live to 100, what do you want at your funeral?

I guess one Taiwanese man who lived to 103 got what he wanted… a stripper at his funeral.

Son Honors Dad’s Wish, Hires Stripper for Taiwan Funeral
Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A man hired a stripper to perform at the funeral of his father — who happened to have a fondness for gentlemen’s clubs, according to reports from Taiwan.

Taiwanese newspaper the United Daily News reported that Cai Jinlai had been promised a stripper for his funeral if he lived to 100.

Jinlai was 103 when he died — reportedly leaving behind more than 100 “descendants.”

He had died after walking about 3.1 miles to a town in Taichung County to vote in an election in the Taichung.

His son, Cai Ruigong, told the newspaper that he had paid more than $170 for the stripper to dance around the coffin at the funeral.

“He would travel around the island with his friends to see these [strip] shows,” Ruigong said.

According to reports, the exotic dancer performance at the funeral lasted 10 minutes.

I think it’s an interesting juxtaposition that the man died while walking 3+ miles to VOTE in the elections. Oh those Taiwanese people… crazy about voting!!!

Thanks to Grace Chu for this tip.

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