Feng shui on a mobile?

Lillian Too Dragon Phone (Crave Asia)

When I saw this “lucky Dragon” phone. I about dropped my jaw. First three words that came out were: “Are you serious?”

In hindsight, I probably should have gone with “Are you silly-us?” but all jokes aside, this mobile phone was just too outrageous. And anyone that bought this phone based on the fact that it did have anything to do with feng shui would have another thing coming.

The problem I had with this device, is that the designer was trying to tie a Chinese practice, with a technological device and throw in some Chinese cultural items (like the “8” charm) in there to boot just to make it look fantastic. Except the fact that I don’t see how a bling dragon was actually going to make the phone sit flat, and how it would exactly “activate good chi every time you make or receive a phone call.” Maybe I was on vacation the day the industry was taught how to activate good chi through a cellular device.

In any case, the red phone itself seemed pretty basic, but I’ll take Crave’s word for it since I haven’t actually touched one. Perhaps it’s not a bad idea that it’s only being released as an exclusive item in Malaysia. Maybe it’s just me, but all this red wouldn’t really make me smell any green.

Photo Credit: (Crave Asia)

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