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DUDE WTF ASIA: Thieves Beaten with Furniture

Next time you try to steal someone’s bag while riding a moped in China*, re-think your actions: are the contents of this purse worth being hunted down and beaten with pieces of furniture by a hoard of people? Probably not. … Continue reading

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Daily Candy DC Mixes Up Chinese & Japanese: Makes No “Sensei”

If you live in a big city, you may have subscribed to Daily Candy for their dispatches regarding things to do, places to shop, and where to eat. In the latest “Weekend Guide” from Washington, D.C., Daily Candy recommends the … Continue reading

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WTF: How To Master Asian Beauty Secrets

Hey, readers! Are you not Asian? Have you always wondering why Asians look so beautiful? Well, today is your lucky day, because this video tutorial is going to teach you all of our ancient cultural secrets on maintaining youthful skin … Continue reading

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Ramen Baths, Now With Video! WTF?

Japanese Noodle Bath by DiagonalView There’s one thing to love ramen, but it’s a whole separately issue when it comes to wanting to bathe in it. We’ve posted about the exclusive noodle bath at Yunessun Spa in Japan, but here’s … Continue reading

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Not getting the Magibon love

What’s the deal is with this Magibon girl? Apparently she’s some Internet phenomenon and the Japanese adore her, and outside of her cute appearance, the Youtube videos are thirty to forty seconds of… uhm… well, let’s just say that I … Continue reading

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Feng shui on a mobile?

When I saw this “lucky Dragon” phone. I about dropped my jaw. First three words that came out were: “Are you serious?” In hindsight, I probably should have gone with “Are you silly-us?” but all jokes aside, this mobile phone … Continue reading

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