5/30: Cupertino Reception for Edison Mayor Jun Choi and Boston City Councilor Sam Yoon

I just heard about this event on hapihour.org:

Yul Kwon and the Asian Americans for Good Government (AAGG) Political Action Committee (PAC) are hosting a welcome reception for Edison (NJ) Mayor Jun Choi and Boston City Councilor Sam Yoon on Friday, May 30, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Dynasty Restaurant, 10123 N Wolfe Rd. Cupertino.

Yul Kwon is personally bringing Mayor Choi and Councilor Yoon to California to provide our community with opportunity to connect East and West Coast AAPI community and civic leaders.

The reception is sponsored by the following AAGG and community leaders: Yul Kwon, Hsing Kung, Sandy Chau, C.C. Yin, Talin Hsu, Johnnie Giles, James Yu, Albert Chang, Arnie Fong, Henry Yin, Maria Chen, Otto Lee, Gilbert Wang, Christine Young, Paul Fong, Barry Chang, Albert Wang, Joel Wong, Limin Hu, Kansen Chu, Daisy Chu, David Sheen, Lisa Quan, Margaret Abe Koga and others.

Financial contributions in support of Mayor Choi and Councilor Yoon are welcome and encouraged. More details on Facebook here.

As I had blogged before, I had met Sam Yoon a few years ago. Yoon is on the Democratic National Committee’s Rules Committee and will be helping to decide how to settle the Florida and Michigan delegates for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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