Beijing’s secret plan to win gold

I think I’ve finally figured it out. Beijing’s secret plan to win the most gold medals in the outdoor sports.

The smog there is so thick there that it makes Los Angeles look like it went green. And it definitely wasn’t this bad when I went to visit back in 1999 or so. Things have changed. A lot.

In any case, the idea is that Chinese athletes have a tremendous advantage in both training and living in the smog itself. Even if it clears up to the point that they could see a little bit during the 2008 Olympics, I personally doubt that stopping all vehicles in and out of the city during the outdoor events will produce significant results, but maybe so. Either way though, the entire oxygen intake for cyclists, triathletes and track and field is definitely hampered for those that are not accustomed to the smog. It’s like living in L.A. and visiting L.A. from Aspen. An air quality change will definitely effect your performance.

Who knows what will be done about the smog and how it will effect the international teams competing. But I won’t hold my breath if China starts pulling those medals like taking candy from a baby.

Photo Credit: (rytc)

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