Kelly Hu & George Takei “Embrace Your Power” to Vote

The non-partisan Center for Asian Americans United for Self Empowerment (CAUSE) just launched its 30 second television commercial / public service announcement (PSA), “Embrace Your Power,” starring Kelly Hu and George Takei.

Upon first look, I’m not too sure what to think of the ad. I’m a bit disappointed that the ad portrays stereotypical images of an ancient Chinese woman asking her master, an old Chinese wise man for advice – considering that this is a PSA about voting in America, and shows Kelly Hu kicking some butt with her kung fu moves… I mean, for one thing, not all Asian Americans have “masters” and know kung fu… The background music is also a bit stereotypical of your typical kung fu movie…

What I do find cool is that Kelly Hu and George Takei are actively promoting Asian Americans to vote. Back in 2004, CAUSE did create a more “modern” PSA “The Least Likely,” targeting young Asian Americans stating the fact that Asian Americans between the ages of 18 to 25 are the least likely to vote of any demographic within the United States and encouraging that group to vote:

In taking another look at the 2004 PSA, I guess that PSA also uses “fantasy” imagery and special effects to draw the attention of Asian Americans, but it didn’t rub me a little negatively like the new PSA. Personally, I’d prefer having a PSA rooted more in reality and something a bit more serious – but I guess given the age demographic – I understand why CAUSE might have gone with that direction.

On a related note, Kelly Hu is a big time supporter of Barack Obama, and appears in this previously produced YouTube video, “Kelly Hu, Asian Americans for Barack Obama” from earlier in the campaign. It would be nice if there were more prominent Asian Americans actively promoting for candidates on both sides. Where is Asia America’s Oprah? Unfortunately, I don’t think she exists yet…

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