See Ping Pong Playa… free afterparty with ticket!*

I was lucky enough to catch a private screening of Jessica Yu’s Ping Pong Playa a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved it.

The film follows the antics of Christopher C-Dub Wang, who thinks he could have been an NBA star if genetics hadn’t conspired against him. Instead, he’s got to defend his family’s ping pong legacy and see if he can rise to the challenge of being the ping pong star he never wanted to be.

It’s been reviewed a lot of different places already, including here on 8Asians by Lily, so I’m not going to repeat anything that’s already been said.

But I wanted to give you a heads up that if you live in LA, SF (or SJ), or NY, Ping Pong Playa is opening tonight (see the Ping Pong Playa website, click Screenings for details)! If you’re in Houston or Seattle… you’re in luck… the film opens in those two cities next week on 9/12.

*Anyway, if you’re in Los Angeles of San Francisco and catch the screenings, there are afterparties you can attend for free with your ticket stub!

Los Angeles: Friday, September 5. 10pm
Central Hollywood
1710 Las Palmas Ave, Los Angeles
Free with movie ticket stubs before 11pm ($10 cover after)

San Francisco: Saturday, September 6. 10pm-2am
Straits Cafe
845 Market Street, San Francisco
Bring a PPP ticket stub from any Bay Area theatre and get in for free!

Even if you don’t catch the parties this weekend, I highly recommend check out Ping Pong Playa while you can on the big screen… it’s a fun, funny movie.

For those of you who understand Mandarin, I think they did a great job of inserting Mandarin conversations into the film. And I especially enjoyed Roger Fan’s “chinglish” conversations with his parents… sounds a lot like me when insert English into my conversations when I can’t think of the Chinese words.

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