Obama San Jose Office Opening – Where Are You Asian Americans?

Earlier this week, I attended the opening of the Obama campaign office in San Jose. No, there isn’t really a chance that California is going to the Republicans. This office is for phone banking into swing states.

Now you probably know where I am going. San Jose is the 10th largest city in the nation (believe it or not, with almost 1 million residents – larger than San Francisco) and is approximately 30% Asian American. With a packed campaign office, was there 30% Asian American representation? Of course not.

There was plenty of diversity in the office, with white, Latinos, African Americans, and some Asian Americans – maybe a handful – that were there. Asian Americans will never get the support and interest in government if we’re not involved! Get active. Donate (for Obama hopefully). Don’t be a silent minority… as this recent local TV news story in the swing state of Nevada in Las Vegas discusses.

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