I See Asian Americans Being Politically Involved! David Chiu, San Francisco Supervisor, District 3

This past Friday, I went to a Presidential Debate party (you watched the debate, right?) / fundraiser for David Chiu, who is running for San Francisco Supervisor, District 3. (District 3 consists of Chinatown, Nob Hill, North Beach and Telegraph Hill). Given my experience and blogs rants on pathetic involvement of Asian Americans in politics, I was pleasantly shocked and surprised to see a TON of Asian Americans at the debate party/fundraiser.

I guess I shouldn’t have been totally surprised, since David Chiu is an Asian American and over 30% of San Francisco is Asian American (but given the Democratic fundraiser in SF I had attended which I blogged about without many Asian Americans… ). But still, like I said, Asian Americans are SHAMEFULLY the least active of all demographic groups in the United States, despite our above average education and income backgrounds.

As I like to follow Asian Americans who are running for public office, I didn’t realize that David Chiu was running for San Francisco City Supervisor. I had recently blogged about the top 3 candidates running for San Francisco District 1 (Richmond District) are Asian American – which should be the case given that the Richmond is 50% Asian American.

As for David Chiu’s candidacy, from his “resume,” I hate to use the analogy or term, but he seems like a “model minority politician” – his qualifications are just ridiculously good:

“David and his siblings all attended Harvard University, where David received a degree in government from Harvard College, a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School, and a master’s degree in public policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government… Chair of Lower Polk Neighbors and a founding member of the leadership team of the Middle Polk Neighborhood Association… former staff attorney with the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights … a former Assistant District Attorney with the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office… founded Grassroots Enterprise, a leading online communications technology company… David currently sits on San Francisco’s Small Business Commission.”

I could go on-and-on. Read for yourself how qualified Chiu is. The only problem is that Chiu’s competitors are being supported by big business and he is being outspent by a crazy amount. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, District 3 is the hottest race in town. Chiu is endorsed by current District 3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin. So if you live in San Francisco, I implore you to consider David Chiu for District 3 Supervisor!

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