POP 88 #23 – Ballad Special

For regular listeners, and those who subscribe over at POPcast88.com would already know this has been out for about a week. (Sorry for the delay in posting this here.)

In this episode, thanks to an overwhelming amount of response is the ballad special, plus a small taste of what to expect from this year’s Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival. Listen for your requests, plus Jewelry, Cheon Sang Ji Hee and some other surprises — so wave those hands in the air and sing like you’re a diva!

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1. 모를까봐서(They Might Know) – Jewelry
Kitchi Island (2008)

2. 127 Days – Kangta and Vanness
Scandal (2006)

3. Flowerpot – Alex
Vintage Romance (2008)

4. 5 cm – Tenjochiki
Graceful 4 – (2007)

5. Wishing on the Same Star – Namie Amuro
Style (2003) and Best Fiction (2008)

6. 이노래 (This Song) – 2AM
This Song (single) (2008)

7. Breathe Again – BoA
Girls on Top (2006)

8. Goodbye – Fly to the Sky
(2005) and Eternity (2008)

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