Do you know a Grace Kim? Meet Playboy’s Miss November 2008

Do you know a Grace Kim? That is a very common name… I’m sure Korean American parents all over America are wondering if their daughter, Grace Kim, is indeed the Grace Kim that they’ve heard from friends and family that recently posed in Playboy Magazine. Miss November 2008 is no other than Playboy’s first ever 100% Korean American Grace Kim. Some more info about Kim: she’s 29 (“older” than the stereotypical Playboy playmate), UCLA alum who majored in English Literature and wants to be a writer.

Prior to posing in Playboy, Kim was the PR lead for Activision’s Rock Band video game. has an interesting interview with Kim and her reason for leaving Activision (which I personally find odd) to pose for Playboy:

““It was difficult for me to come home from the shoot and then write a bunch of press releases for Guitar Hero,” she said. “I couldn’t tell them I was going to be in Playboy. At that point, I didn’t want anybody to know at the time. I hadn’t told anybody, not my parents or my friends or anyone.”

I guess it would be really odd that if you had a professional job one day, and the next day, all of your colleagues could see you naked in Playboy Magazine, that might be a bit odd… Kim writes a little bit more extensively on her reasons in her MySpace blog here

Now have there been other Asian American playmates in Playboy – of course there have been – and there is even a freak’n Wikipedia entry/index on the topic! If you’re looking for more explicit photos of Ms. Kim, you won’t find them here on, but you might find some on a site appropriately named Naked Gamer…. and after taking a look at some of her photos, you might be wondering about her breasts … well, you can learn more here. I wonder how many readers & hits we’ll be getting due to search engine results for Grace… Within our own “internal” email list, we had a lot of fun discussing Grace Kim… some comments:

  • Heterosexual males on this mailing list; if you have no opinions about this I will be truly ashamed. That is all.
  • I didn’t notice – I only read the articles in Playboy.
  • I have played both Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and they both have their plusses and minus.
  • …her boobs look kinda fake and her lips are also weird. Someone, send her to south korea to get some topnotch plastic surgery.
  • From someone who used to go to Playboy parties in a different lifetime (as a guest of friends, not as a “girl”), Grace has definitely defied the odds in terms of getting published. Lots of pretty girls go to the mansion and lots of girls get asked for test shoots.
  • Whatever happened to the 8Asians Calendar idea?
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