Blog Tour: Christine Son’s “Off the Menu”

I love “chick-lit,” also known as fiction written for and targeted to young, working women in their twenties and thirties.  I must say, it’s about time chick-lit is written by and for Asian American women, and Christine Son’s Off the Menu does just that.  Intertwining the lives of three best friends — Hercules Huang, Whitney Lee and Audrey Henley, Son paints a picture of three very distinguished lives, careers and passions, and the friendship that glues them together.

Hercules is a top chef with her own restaurant of fine-dining and line of cookware.  Whitney is a corporate lawyer with an Ivy League education and a hidden passion for singing.  Audrey is a schoolteacher and adopted daughter of Texas billionaires.  Over good food and laughs, the three share their stories and struggles, and over a weekend vacation, discover what they want more in life.

Highlighting themes like cultural assimilation, adoption and generational misunderstandings, Off the Menu illustrates some of the complexities and realities of being Asian American.  While Hercules, Whitney and Audrey challenge their parents’ expectations, struggle to climb the corporate ladder and fall in limbo and in love, you are bound to journey with these characters as they delve into the intersections of life — friendship, family, love and happiness.

Off the Menu is a book many can relate to — building courage, pursuing passion and finding oneself. So, what are your favorite chick-lit books?

(Visit Christine’s website and visit her blog! Thanks to TLC Book Tours for asking me to be a part of my very first Blog Tour!)

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