Junshien Shoots Ya Good

Ever since my cousin in the Bay Area added this guy to her Facebook, I’ve been watching and paying attention. And if you happen to be close, wedding and portrait photographer Junshien has got to be worth every penny in my opinion.

So far, every single photograph that he’s posted on his blog is done in such a way that I just sigh and wish that it didn’t cost so much to fly a great photographer out to do a wedding. Or actually, any sort of photograph.

I guess you could say that I’ve fallen hard for his photographs. They all seem to speak the romance between two people, but with vibrant colors and amazing crispness and clarity. Each one tells a story about those that are in love. At least the wedding and engagement sessions do. The rest are the type of things you’d expect to see on the cover of Rolling Stones or some magazine where you just wish you had an inkling of the picture taking talent that he has.

In the end, it’s all about right time, and right place. And I think that if you went with this photographer, he seems to always have a knack for capturing that particular moment.

Did I mention the vibrant colors? No? See, I’m just in awe.

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