Truth Stranger Than Fiction: Rob Lowe Woos Chinese Officials

This week, Los Angeles is hosting the Governors’ Global Climate Summit with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger playing lead host. The Chinese delegation arrived a day early, so Schwarzenegger thought that it would be wise to entertain the visitors:

“… Lowe arranged, through ABC, to have seven high level Chinese government officials … attend a Monday morning filming of ” Brothers & Sisters” at the Standard hotel downtown … The delegates, who were given their own director’s chairs and headsets, were delighted … “They were so lovely,” said Lowe, who tried to speak Chinese to the delegates by recycling some of his lines from “Wayne’s World.” (They roared with laughter.)”

Rob Lowe was in The West Wing but that doesn’t necessarily make him the ideal diplomat for global climate change, no matter how much an activist and environmentalist he may be. I guess if you are playing host, Los Angeles is definitely most well known for Hollywood. I can’t believe Lowe also tried to speak — for jest and fun — to the delegation in Chinese. I really wonder what the Chinese delegation was thinking when Lowe was speaking to them in, you know, Hollywood Chinese.

China is obviously one of the most important countries in trying to solve global climate change; I’ve have heard repeatedly that the nation builds a new coal powered electric plant every week to meet its consumer and industrial demand. Without Chinese cooperation on global climate change, most efforts would be meager; keeping the Chinese delegation happy and entertained during their visit is a no-brainer.

But it is really odd to read about the nuts-and-bolts of entertaining diplomats. After Lowe took the Chinese delegation after the filming of Brothers & Sisters, he took them to Universal Studios where they were treated to a ride Terminator 2: 3D. Talk about truth really being stranger than fiction.

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