Breaking News: Jason Wu Is Gay!

jason_wu_on_guys_lapAlso, the sky is blue.

Competitor blog Jezebel (I say competitor because we’re up against them for Best Group Blog in the 2008 Bloggies — please vote for us!) reported yesterday that Jason Wu was upset that the big New York Times article published recently outed him to his Taiwanese family.

The 26 year old designer made headlines after Michelle Obama chose his dress for her Inaugural ball gown. Yes, he’s Asian and yes, we already cheered him on.

The tipster explains that he overheard Wu saying that while his parents knew he is gay, some of his other relatives did not, and that the frank revelation has caused some awkward conversations. The tipster says the Taiwan-born designer’s parents were “disappointed” their son couldn’t have been more “discreet.”

Scandalous!!! OMG!!! How could you, esteemed New York Times! Though the reporter now claims that Wu allowed him to write about his boyfriend and their relationship, I can’t help but wonder if people are just looking for gossip fodder. And is that really Wu’s concern right now? The First Lady donned his beautiful gown, and now he unfortunately has to face awkward conversations with his aunts and uncles? I seriously doubt that he would be truly upset with something like this.

Here’s what I’m more concerned about. How did this family NOT know Jason was gay? He’s in fashion, he designs couture gowns for Barbie dolls, including one specifically for RuPaul and he even admitted to crying while watching Milk.

My gaydar is sounding off pretty loudly right now.

Hey, Wu family. Welcome to 2009. Your son is gay. He’s also going to be one of the most sought-after fashion designers this year. Cry me a river.

On the upside, these articles led to a fun conversation about 8Asian bloggers coming out of the closet to their more traditional families. I think these are awesome, so feel free to share your stories, too!

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