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This episode brings you the latest from Fly to the Sky and Namie Amuro. I announce the winners of our Kollaboration 9 Ticket Giveaway and tell you how you can snag one at the event for yourself.


1. 기억만이라도 (Even if Only Memories) – After School’s Park Kahi & Kim JungAh
– Taken from Park Kyung Lim’s Byul Bam on MBC Radio – Feb 13, 2009

Original Artist: Ann, Album: Phoneix Rising (2004)

2. Where Did You Go – G.E.M. Tang
G.E.M. Tang (2008)

3. 시간이 약이 된다고 (J`gruv Mix) – 조PD & Postino
Single, Soulmate Remix Project (2009)

4. 즐겨찾기 – Fly to the Sky feat. 리쌍 ‘게리’
Decennium (2009)

5. 死對頭 (Deadly Foe) – Renee Chen
Miracle Renee (2008)

6. 인생은 즐거워 (The Rebirth) – Jessica H.O.
The Rebirth (single)(2009)

7. Dr. – Namie Amuro
WILD/ Dr. (Single) (2009)

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