Someone Terrified of Japanese Businessmen on PostSecret


Did anyone else catch this postcard in the latest batch of PostSecret secrets? This is the second time that I’ve seen an anti-Asian secret being revealed (the first one was about being extremely terrified of Chinese people) and I’m wondering what’s motivating the people behind this community to put them up.

I can’t even imagine the enormous amount of postcards that founder Frank Warren receives every day, but the 10 new secrets that are posted every week are probably chosen with care and good reason.

Am I accusing PostSecret of being anti-Asian? No. Because aren’t we all on the inside? Okay, I’m kidding about that, but I truly want to know the motive behind selecting a postcard like the one above. Are they trying to highlight this ongoing fear of Asians in America? Is this Asian fear a common theme in all their postcards, so they’re just picking the best one to show off?

I only highlight this because I rarely see any postcards that reveal any clear racism against a specific ethnicity without reason. Well, there was this one but at least there was some sort of personal conflict going on to show the irony of the secret.

But this fear of Japanese businessmen? They terrify you? Really? Are we back in the early 1990’s? The last time I checked, the bubble economy in Japan burst years ago. All we do now is make robots. What’s gives?

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