Mixed Company of Yale’s “Single Asians” Isn’t Very Funny

People that go to Yale University live in another Universe. While most students at other school are clearly content with beating their own pledges (or killing the pledges at other fraternities), undergrads at Yale join weird fucking societies with skulls on them, and the rest join a capella groups. The Mixed Company of Yale is one such singing group, and a recently released “parody video” of Beyonce’s Single Ladies — called Single Asians — surfaced to the general WTFness of the Internet. Moye posted the link to the e-mail list, where it received the following response:

Moye: Is this old? I’ve never seen it before. It’s like the unfunniest thing ever.
Joz: I give it 9 lame points on a scale of 6.
John: Ha ha ha… I think this is hilarious. The women aren’t great dancers, but I like the concept and give an A for effort… even if the execution isn’t so great.
Christine: WOW, why do I feel like I’ve just been thrown back to early 90’s HK pop? And we ALL know how bad that is. Unfortunately, I don’t even find it clever enough to label it parody. I’m with Joz, what was the point of this anyway?
Andy: “We from Beijing, we dry cleaning, and practice viorin” I think I’m in luv.
Moye: Don’t you mean “ruv?”
Andy: lulz.

My $0.02: never mind the fact that I’m the editor of a blog about Asian American issues; you meet me in person and I’m probably one of the most politically incorrect people you’ve ever met. Of course, context has to be applied for when stuff is or isn’t appropriate, but my general rule is that if it’s really funny, a lot can slide me without being offensive. And guess what? This isn’t funny at all; it’s cringe-worthy and doesn’t pull off the irony and sarcasm of other parody videos. And the girl on the left is totally off.

PS: Also, black prom dresses? Really? Do they not have Bedazzlers in New Haven?

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