Oregon Needs Asian Sperm!

Sperm man is clearly not Asian enough.To my fellow Asian men: Found yourself out of a job? Need a quick way to make some cash while maintaining your dignity — and making women happy?

If you’re close to Oregon Health Sciences University, a lab might have the perfect part-time job for you: Sperm donor.

According to Portland’s KGW News, the head of OHSU’s Reproductive Lab, Dr. David Battaglia, has seen a sizable increase in the demand for Asian sperm as Asian American couples are looking to have babies.  While there are only 24 donors available on current rotation at OHSU, Dr. Battaglia’s looking for Asian men who are willing to (ahem) participate once or twice a week at a rate of $100 per, um, donation.

However, if OHSU’s lab is like most sperm banks, the screening process can be pretty intensive.  Medical histories of the donor’s family are taken to ensure that there’s been no history of chronic diseases, like hypertension, diabetes, stroke or cancer.  Most look for men who have at least a bachelor’s degree, but prefer a graduate degree.  It’s not as simple as dropping trou and spilling your seed.

I actually was asked years ago to be a sperm donor for a close lesbian friend, who was looking for a gay Filipino man that they preferably knew.  However, they changed their minds and switched to an anonymous donor after realizing that even if I had signed off my parental rights, I could still conceivably sue my friend and win custody of any children that may occur. For me, I wasn’t ready to deal with the possibility of knowing that there may be people out there with my genetic material, and ultimately declined anyway.

(Flickr photo credit – and apologies – to Mat Honan)

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