8Asians Now Has a Tumblelog!

8asians-thetumblrA couple of astute readers might have noticed the Thursday 8Asians.com Photo Zen and Video Zen posts going on for a couple of weeks; no dialogue, no witty opinions, no angry, controversial diatribes — just linking a photo or a video and letting the image speak for itself. It was a good run, but it’s better as a separate free-standing tumblelog. So here I am to officially announce that we now have our own, aptly called 8Asians – the tumblr!

So, how is a tumblelog different than a blog? There’s no real difference from a blog, really, except that it “favors short-form, mixed-media posts over the longer editorial posts frequently associated with blogging.” And the perfect person to do that of course, is 8Asians.com blogger Jun — Brooklyn native, architecture student, and our resident at all things badass. While I may contribute time to time, Jun will be your emcee on “highlighting Asians — and uber talented non-Asians — who draw, dance, build, film, sing, write, invent, paint, teleport, and of course, tumble.”

Jun has been updating the tumblr for a while and I always look forward to the things he posts; surely you will as well.

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