Formerly Suspended Shock Jock JV Moves to Revision3

jvelvisIf you grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and you’re in your late 20’s to early 30’s, your familiar with Wild 94.9’s The Dog House, with the team of Elvis, JV and Hollywood. As to what happened with The Dog House after the 90’s, JV says it best on his MySpace page: “After The Dog House was fired in 2005, we went to New York. We were kicking ass there, but ran into an unfortunate incident that led to us being fired AGAIN!!”

What it doesn’t say: it was due to a prank call to a Chinese restaurant that involved anti-Asian remarks.

It would be easy blog post to write that JV is racist towards Asians; their prank calls — which were also done in the Bay Area — were always malicious, and the Chinese restaurant prank call which got them fired is absolutely unlistenable. But if The Dog House were ever that mean-spirited in the Bay Area — where a third of the young adult population is Asian and Pacific Islander — the shit would never fly and they wouldn’t have been reached the popularity they did in the 90’s. Someone in radio once told me that the primary demographic for Wild 94.9 was a Latina or Filipina in her early 20’s, and the morning team seemed to reflect that well; they once fired their traffic girl on-air after she said derogatory statements about Filipinos. Their radio producer while at 94.9 was a friend of theirs from high school, an Asian-American guy nicknamed Hollywood.

Reading the various comment threads it sounds like a there’s a discrepancy between San Francisco DogHouse fans of the late 90’s — Bay Area people who miss their crazy-ass radio show when they were in high school and now have kids of their own — and his New York fans, asking Elvis to become “a weatherman at a Chinese station, ‘crowdy wit a chance of eggroe.'” (Also: What the FUCK does that even MEAN?)

As to where original DogHouse team is now, it looks like they’ve gone their separate ways: Elvis “left the show, got some new head shots and started auditioning for commercials and stuff.” A quick Google search reveals that Hollywood looks like he’s  in the controversial world of… police dispatching. As to JV, he’s DJ’ing solo at Wild 94.9 as well as broadcasting a show on Revision3, the same company that produces DiggNation; what he’ll say or do will be anyones guess, but the interesting thing about the Internet is that if he pulls the things he did in New York, the entire Internet will be there to call him out on it. It’s the internet, after all.

And as for me? I stopped listening to Wild 94.9 years ago.

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