Fundraising Events out in Los Angeles

It seems like Los Angeles has a charity event or fund raising party every other weekend and all of them seem pretty interesting, but it gets pretty difficult to head out to all of them after awhile and they get washed into the background…  So,  really quickly, a shout out to two events.

The first is a fund raiser gala for the Asian Pacific Community Fund, which will honor California State Assemblyman Mike Eng and also the Edison Chinese Connection.  Interestingly enough, Assemblyman Eng is the husband of recently elected congresswoman Judy Chu, which John just posted about .   The event will be held on July 23rd at the Grammy Museum Terrace at L.A. Live at 6:30pm.  APCF is an organization that is “focused on enhancing the lives of Asian Pacific Islanders throughout Los Angeles County.” It is a great cause to support, so head on out!  Visit their website for more information.

The second event is “The Party” hosted by the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center (JACCC) and TN KAT, an event celebrating Asian American art and music.  There will be multiple performances by a bunch of guests, but just to name a couple.. Jane Lui, Kiwi, and Shin Kawasaki will be performing.  It’s on Saturday, July 18th from 5:00 Pm to 11:00PM at the JACCC Plaza in Little Tokyo (244 S. San Pedro).  I will (hopefully, if time allows) be heading out, so drop a comment if you’re interested as well.   I’d be happy to listen to any criticisms or comments about my posts, discuss anything you think I might be interested in, or just meet new people and say hi.  Click here to purchase tickets.

A quick video about what TN KAT is about:

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Kevin is a Taiwanese-American college student in Claremont, CA who immigrated from Taipei to the suburbs of LA when he was six. He enjoys intelligent hip-hop, poetry, watching football (both kinds), playing basketball, sudokus, and delicious fruit.
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