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Kevin is a Taiwanese-American college student in Claremont, CA who immigrated from Taipei to the suburbs of LA when he was six. He enjoys intelligent hip-hop, poetry, watching football (both kinds), playing basketball, sudokus, and delicious fruit.

Remembering NFL’s Junior Seau

There’s a moment in your life when you unquestionably enter “adulthood”, and while turning 21 or graduating high school or college are real moments, when I heard that Junior Seau had passed away from an apparent suicide last night, I … Continue reading

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What if Jeremy Lin Weren’t Asian?

As with most people, I don’t remember much of my early childhood;  I emigrated to the State from Taiwan when I was 5 years old and the only relevant and vivid memories I have from my time on the Formosan … Continue reading

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Ed Wang: (Soon To Be) First Chinese American Player in the NFL

As an avid football fan, the NFL Draft marks one of my favorite days of the year, on par with opening kickoff for my beloved Green Bay Packers and the weekend of wild card games marking the beginning of the … Continue reading

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The Pacific: the Crossroad Between Generation Gaps and Political Correctness

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to Band of Brothers, the hugely successful HBO miniseries about the 101st Airborne and their accomplishments in the European theater in World War II, and was instantly hooked.  The miniseries focused more … Continue reading

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Ahn Cao, Vietnamese American Republican, Votes for Health Care Plan

Unless you were trapped under a rock, you would know that the much debated and controversial Health Care plan passed in the house with a margin of five votes, 220-215. Despite a huge number of Democrats in the House, the … Continue reading

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Santa Anita Race Track Opens Exhibit on Japanese Internment

The biggest news this weekend from Arcadia, CA was Zenyatta coming from behind to clinch her 14th win at the Breeders’ Cup Classic at the Santa Anita Race Track.  It was actually quite an amazing feat considering how far behind … Continue reading

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Will You B Here? UC Davis

There was a post a week or two ago about the B Here Campaign, a quick reminder that the UC Davis event is on the 27th and the 28th… make sure you catch the last chance (in awhile) to see … Continue reading

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Will You B Here? Raising Hepatitis B Awareness

A year or so ago, we had a post about Hepatitis B and how it disproportionately affects Asian Americans. For those who don’t already know, Hep B is a disease that attacks the liver without many noticeable symptoms leading many … Continue reading

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Which is the “Best” College for Asian Americans?, run by Professor C.N Le of UMass Amherst recently reprinted a statistical study of college campuses from 9 years ago regarding Asian/Asian American student population, splitting schools amongst “Top Universities” and “Top Liberal Arts Colleges.”  The “best” university for … Continue reading

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Fundraising Events out in Los Angeles

It seems like Los Angeles has a charity event or fund raising party every other weekend and all of them seem pretty interesting, but it gets pretty difficult to head out to all of them after awhile and they get … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Rex Lee’s Lloyd on Entourage

Throughout the last five or so years, there have only been two shows that have really piqued the interests of almost everyone I know, the first being ABC’s mega-hit Lost (which I’ve only begun watching). The second one is HBO’s … Continue reading

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Write a Letter to Support Lt. Dan Choi!

I’ve already written a couple posts about Lt. Dan Choi and his organization Knights Out that’s fighting the controversial “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that prohibits openly gay servicemen from serving their country.  Lt. Choi, a graduate of West Point … Continue reading

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