Indian Music and Cha-cha-cha: More Latin-Indian Fusion from Giju John

Giju John, who has previously fused Indian music and Salsa dancing, was watching my salsa class just the other day. He was my salsa teacher’s teacher, and I hope my dancing didn’t embarrass them both. After the class, my teacher forwarded me a note saying that Giju has released some more videos to go with his music. An interesting one is the one I have included below. In this video, he fuses Indian music with Latin cha-cha-cha.

Various cultures collide here in Silicon Valley, and Giju, who is also a Silicon Valley engineer,  melds elements of different cultures in a fascinating, unique way.  I am also amazed at how the dancing in this video is just head and shoulders above the simple cha-cha that I learned in my youth along with the other Filipino-Americans of my generation (anyone else remember that cha-cha?).  As an added bonus, the video has the Asian guy getting the white girl by winning her away from a white guy.  Don’t see that very often either!

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