Lodestone’s Final Season SHOW


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of Grace Kim and the Spiders from Mars. In short the play was delightfully awesome. I laughed, I ached, I related and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the play. I’m beyond impressed with this original play written by Philip W. Chung. The play was perfectly cast and I can’t say enough good things about it. I’ve taken the liberty of telling any friend who will listen, how AWESOME this play is.

If you haven’t watched the play yet, GO GO GO! You’ll regret it if you miss it. It closes on December 20, so do yourself a favor and GO. Did I mention that they are offering their tickets for their 1999 ticket fees? There is no reason to miss this awesome play.

Now that I’ve urged as best I can for you to take in the wonderfulness that is “Grace Kim and the Spiders from Mars,” I’ll move onto a little tribute about a wonderful theatre ensemble that is bidding us farewell.

Grace Kim and the Spiders from Mars is the last production for The Lodestone Theatre Ensemble and I for one am very sad about it. Yes, they are bidding us farewell with Grace Kim. For 10 years, Lodestone has given Asian Americans a wonderful place to unleash their creativity, whether as an actor/actress, writer, director or spectator. And Lodestone has had an impressive 10-year-run. It’s put on “over 80 main-stage productions, special events and Yellow Box readings/workshops of both new and established works.”

Chung’s desire was a write something “accessible and funny” but at the same time a play that would appropriately reflect the history of Lodestone. I believe he achieved his desire in his original play and can’t help but be ecstatic that Lodestone is ending on a high note.

If you’re in LA, you only have this weekend and next weekend to catch it.

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