Asian American Commercial Watch: Asians Have Sex, Too

UPDATED 2/16/2015: Johnson & Johnson pulled down the previous uploads of the K-Y Intense ads that were embedded in the original post. I’ve included new embeds in the post. Yes, these are the K-Y ads that Randall Park referred to on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Enjoy. –Joz

8A-2015-02-RandallPark-KY-AdWhat I love about these KY Intense commercials is that while sex not talked about by conservative Americans of any ethnic culture, yes…People actually do the horizontal mambo from time to time. For fun. The APA community does this, too, as crazy as that sounds. So in commercials that play off some of the stereotypical quiet Asian behaviors, I find that these KY ads are actually fairly well done.

I love the fact that there are industries recognizing the buying power of APA now. I suppose that some might get offended that we’re stereotyped as reserved and quiet, but from an economic perspective, I love it. There are not many studies out there that prove Asian Americans have a serious buying power but even looking at this 2004 study by the Magazine Publishers of America shows that we’re a force to be reckoned with if you can persuade us to drop some of the hard-earned cash.

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