Jeremy Lin to Sign with The Golden State Warriors

It might not take a 1 Hour special like Lebron James, but after raising mainstream attention through his play at the NBA Las Vegas summer league, Jeremy Lin finally has his chance to play for an NBA team, as he is on the verge of signing with the Golden State Warriors. Being from Palo Alto, Jeremy now can live his dream of playing for his favorite team, the Warriors, who play their home games at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA.

Both the Dallas Mavericks and the current reigning NBA Champions L.A. Lakers were reported to have been in contract discussions with Jeremy, but ultimately Jeremy may have signed not only for the chance to play in front of his family and friends but also the best contract offer that any other team was willing to give him. Apparently, Jeremy’s contract offer is a partially guaranteed two-year deal, with the 2nd year being a team option. Basically this means is if the Warriors choose to cut/waive Jeremy during his first season or even as soon as during training camp, Jeremy Lin will still earn some of that money that is guaranteed to him.

Another interesting twist in Jeremy’s future with the NBA is a fan who e-mailed Joe Lacob, the new owner of the Warriors, who apparently requested that he sign Jeremy Lin. The Warriors had also sent their recent backup PG, CJ Watson, in a trade to the Chicago Bulls. However Jeremy Lin’s signing doesn’t also come without questions, with some wondering if this was all a PR stunt.

Even though I mentioned in the past that I would have liked to see Jeremy sign with the Lakers due to their winning history and current roster, I can understand why Jeremy chose to sign with the Warriors. Based on the the Warriors” most recent NBA seasons and their current roster, I can’t say that Jeremy is going to get experience on a title contending team that will go deep into playing in the NBA playoffs. However, the chance to earn more playing time, play in their up-tempo offense and develop his game could be Jeremy’s best opportunity as an undrafted rookie.

The irony behind all of is this is that the Warriors once again take something from the Dallas Mavericks, who have had their fair share of history between current Warriors coach, Don Nelson, and owner of the Mavs, Mark Cuban. In 2007, the Warriors became a part of  NBA history by becoming the first 8th seeded team to knock out a #1 seeded team,  Mavs,  in a 7 game series.

After being overlooked by not receiving any scholarship offers from a Division 1 school, and then going undrafted, but now about to get his chance to play in the NBA to showcase his skills with the best in the world, I guess the only thing left to say is, CONGRATULATIONS JEREMY LIN!

Update from Editors: It’s official! Jeremy Lin is now a Golden State Warrior. Congratulations, again!

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