Back in August, I had heard through a friend that there was a fashion show going on later that evening for designer, Wen Guo for her line, BODITECTURE. Besides the NAAAP fashion show, I can’t recall ever going to a real fashion show before, so I decided to check it out. Besides being held at the trendy Supper Club in San Francisco, what was interesting about the fashion show were the designs themselves:

Each individual piece can be transformed from one style to another by pulling the zipper. A formal office attire dress can be opened up and totally changed into an evening happy hour nightdress. A jacket can be transformed to be a cape in a few second… ready to change yet?

Her fashion line reminded me of a New York Times story about the “Great American Apparel Diet” on re-purposing your closet to wearing only six items for an entire month. I can see for men, especially in Silicon Valley, that this wouldn’t be a problem. I personally hate shopping for clothes. But for women, maybe BODITECTURE type fashions are the right way to go! Too bad there isn’t a collection for men.

I’m always really amazed with people like Wen with full-time jobs who spend their free time to develop their hobbies into a side career. Then again, if you have a passion for something, you usually have the time and energy! To no surprise, Wen Guo of Wen Studio has a design related background with her day job as an architect. I can’t even imagine all the time and effort that goes into designing and then manufacturing the clothing (I’m assuming it’s all done manually!).

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