Asian American Commercial Watch: Target & Tiny Tree Christmas

I saw this Target commercial with Asian Americans which was recently posted on Angry Asian Man. Target’s done a great job of being inclusive and highlighting Asian Americans, including Shannon the awesome mom, the over-protective mom, and exasperated mom. Now we’ve got a new commercial with a Single Asian Female. Angry Asian Man comments “But dude, are you telling me that this girl in the ‘Create Your Christmas’ commercial didn’t invite any Asian friends to her Christmas party? Not cool.”

My thoughts were that I really didn’t have any Asian friends outside of work, especially when I lived back in Western Massachusetts after my first job out of college. It’s not like in many parts of the country, you will find a lot of Asians – and when you do, you might experience culture shock. But in replaying the commercial, I noticed that by the subway sign, this woman happens to be in New York City and appears to have a lot of friends at her party – so not cool indeed that she doesn’t have any Asian friends. Or maybe they are still at work working or at home studying.

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