Scarlet Chan Wants to Know Why Hot Asian Guys Prefer White Girls

Shh. Scarlet Chan thinks I’m hot. And go figure, I’m married to a beautiful white girl.

Why is it that hot Asian boys prefer to date White girls?

So is there any truth to what she says? I suppose it is somewhat surprising considering I grew up in the ABC crowds and they actually preferred Asian girls than white. I was probably one of the few from that crowd that wandered from the flock.

Don’t get me wrong: There are a lot of nice Asian girls out there, but to each their own — I don’t agree with Scarlet on the fact that most of the hot Asian boys are dating white girls, but it just depends on the crowds you hang with.


Would I promote interracial relationships? Absolutely. But also realize that it’s a lot of work for some to blend two completely clashing cultures. My wife and I often laugh about it since we love both sides and can see when people just don’t understand the other side.

Do all hot Asian guys go for cute white girls? Well, I sure ain’t no Four Prong. So just let me bask in my outrageously large ego because an Asian American celebrity like Scarlet thinks I’m hot.

[Photo Courtesy of Scarlet Chan & Joseph Umbro. Permission granted to use.]

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