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Does K-Town’s Scarlet Chan Look Korean?

I don’t usually pay attention to reality shows so when it flashed across my Facebook that Scarlet Chan had written something, I thought, “Hey, neato. Let me comment, even though she’ll never read it.” “I don’t look Korean at all… … Continue reading

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Gay Activist Dan Choi Hospitalized for Breakdown

“Last Friday, [gay military activist] Lt. Dan Choi was admitted to the psychiatric ward at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Brockton, Mass., telling supporters in an e-mail that he had experienced a “breakdown and anxiety attack.” Choi, who had chained … Continue reading

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Tibetan Yak Herders + Doing Good for the Holidays

If you haven’t already seen this post over on GASP!, then you’re missing out: this week, Holidays of Good is featuring Shokay as the company of the week and giving 8Asian’s readers an exclusive extra 10% discount on the items … Continue reading

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On Kickstarter: HIBAKUSHA, An Animated Documentary of a Hiroshima Survivor

Anime and Kickstarter fans as well as people learning more about the horrific atomic bomb attacks during WWII should listen up, as a Kickstarter page has been created in an attempt to raise $2,000 for the film Hibakusa, an animated … Continue reading

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Grace Lin’s Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Grace Lin’s Where the Mountain Meets the Moon ($9.93) “is a beautifully written fable for people of all ages, not just those in grades 3-6. I just finished reading this story to my five year old. I think I may … Continue reading

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Chinese Launches Communist Version of Twitter

Via Mashable: China Launches Communist Version of Twitter. And what do you know – I was able to get a sneak peak at some of the code.  Just check out line 182 in particular:  if (TWEET==’TAIWAN’) { user.imprison(); }  Wow. … Continue reading

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Ninja Shuriken Magnets

Admit it. Your fridge is kind of boring. Sure, the inside holds such amazing items like ice cream and butter and guacamole, but don’t get us started on the outside. Why not spice up your fridge door with the Ninja … Continue reading

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Giveaway: Win a 5-disc Martial Arts DVD Prize Pack; in honor of Ong Bak 3’s premiere on VOD, XBOX, Playstation &

Hey martial arts fans! Did you know that Ong Bak 3 premiered Friday December 3 on VOD,, Xbox Marketplace, Playstation Network? It also opens in theaters January 14, 2011. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read on… Ong-Bak: Muay … Continue reading

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Asian Dolls for Christmas

When you have a five year old Asian American little girl who believes in Santa, finding the right Christmas present isn’t always the simplest task. There’s the easy part of the list of course, the presents she’s already asked Santa … Continue reading

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Kat Chang Makes Amazing Race History

Sunday night was the finale of The Amazing Race and Kat Chang and her teammate Nat Strand made history in the show’s 17 season span by being the first all female team to win the race! Congrats to them both! … Continue reading

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Essay: The Asian-American Gender Gap

An essay by Ben Efsaneyim on the perceived Asian-American Gender Gap and the separation between Asian men and women: “… [G]ender division – or the separating of Asian men from women – must be seen as one of the most … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Ken Jeong & Pepto-Bismol

I was watching TV last week and saw this Pepto-Bismol commercial with The Hangover & Community star Ken Jeong. Like I’ve blogged about Jeong in the past, I can’t say that I’m exactly a huge fan. I think he goes … Continue reading

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