Three Asian American Sharpshooters join the “Top Shot” Reality Show

“Who doesn’t want to see a short, Asian chick kick butt?” – Athena Lee

Filam ako points out that three “Badass Filipinos” have joined the cast of The History Channel‘s reality show “Top Shot.”    For those not familiar with the show, Top Shot is a reality show competition between marksmen for the honor of being “Top Shot.”  The Asian American three shooters are Athena Lee, a competitive shooter and firearms instructor, Jay Lim, who qualified for the 2004 Olympics in Archery, and George Reinas, an Air Force and SWAT sniper instructor.  The Filam ako article also has an interview with Simon “JJ” Racaza, an Asian American Homeland security agent who  finished third in the first season.  Racaza talks about the second season and how his encounters with the three contestants.

Lee, Lim, and Reinas have Filipino origins, as does Racaza.  It may seem strange, but Filipinos are among the world’s best shooters, and several have won world championships.

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