Asian American Commercial Watch: Super Bowl Wrap-up

Besides the controversial Tibetan Groupon Super Bowl ad, the only sighting of an Asian American in any of the Super Bowl commercials was a very, very brief glimpse of a hot woman driving in the Chevy Camaro ad (at the 0:16 second mark).

There was a pre-game Bud Light ad featuring an Asian American male along with a group of other co-workers actively trying to get fired from their jobs after learning that part of the severance package was a case of Bud Light.

I also saw a brief ad which aired locally in the select markets, including the San Francisco Bay Area, which had a guy who looked like a friend of mine (even my friend agreed that it looked like him).

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I'm a Taiwanese-American and was born & raised in Western Massachusetts, went to college in upstate New York, worked in Connecticut, went to grad school in North Carolina and then moved out to the Bay Area in 1999 and have been living here ever since - love the weather and almost everything about the area (except the high cost of housing...)
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