VIRAL LIKE SARS: Hulk Hogan vs Kim Jong-il Epic Rap Battle

While I found some of the things that my kids watch on the Internet to be engaging, enthralling, or enlightening, sometimes I catch them looking at things not entirely wholesome.  I noticed Number Two Son watching this video featuring Timothy DeLaGhetto (aka Traphik aka Tim Chantarangsu) as a rap battling Kim Jong-il.  Probably not most appropriate language for kids, but I had to admit that it was funny.

We have featured some of his work on 8asians like this Charlie Sheen video.  Timothy De La Ghetto is another Asian American YouTube star, with more than 800,000 subscribers to his channel.   He has a rap album available on iTunes, and also won an contest held by computer maker HP by submitting a video promoting HP computers.    He seems to be a talented and versatile guy, and while I’m not always thrilled with his language (the HP video was fine, though), I am not surprised that my kids like him.

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