An Open Letter to Asian Entertainment Distribution Companies

Dear Asian Entertainment Distribution Companies,

Please bring your films to Internet streaming companies such as DramaFever or Netflix. Read why, after the jump.

From experience, I can say that one of the few reasons I have kept my Netflix account is because distribution channels there have often procured the rights to Asian anime or films that I like to watch. It wasn’t long ago that I had watched Red Cliff via streaming Netflix; pretty brilliant, if you ask me.

Why else is distributing overseas movies a great idea? Because of demographics. Most Asian Americans don’t go watch Asian films in the theaters because Asian films don’t get released in North America. Thus, you get issues of trying to negotiate deals for huge contracts to place them in a few theaters that might not do well, or even worse — piracy. Internet companies such as Amazon VOD and Netflix are already looking for fresh content. Sure, it’s a niche market, but these Amazon and Netflix will gladly pay for the content to be made available for their millions of viewers already established. A viewer would call this a fringe benefit; a company as yourself would call it “profit.”

So there’s less risk involved, and more likelihood that there will be a broad range of audience viewers. I, for one, will be happy to bust out more Asian films on my streaming account that I shell out a monthly subscription for, and I know many others would thank you too. So please, consider it.

Much obliged,

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